Oracle Cloud – Backup Service

Oracle database  backup service is cloud Storage Solution for your Oracle Database Backups. Oracle Database Backup Service provides a low-cost alternative for storing backups in an offsite location. It is an Oracle Public Cloud object-based storage offering that enables you to store your on-premises or cloud-deployed database backups.

If you are familiar with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), it should take only a few minutes for you to start backing up your database to the cloud. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Download Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module from OTN Site
  • Unzip file.

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Oracle Cloud : DBaaS – Storage

For Cloud DBaaS instance, Oracle Cloud Service provision a VM and required file systems. Here is the file systems and other database related information.


  • /u01 – Local file system – Oracle software binaries, DIAGNOSTIC_DEST
  • /u02 – Cloud Storage – Database Files, Change tracking file
  • /u03 – Cloud Storage – Fast Recovery Area, backup files, control file copy
  • /u04 – Cloud Storage – Redo log files, Temporary files

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