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Hadoop Cluster via Cloudera Manager

I have written couple of blogs to set up Hadoop as Single/Cluster Muti-node environment and deploying, configuring and running a Hadoop cluster manually is rather time and cost-consuming. Here’s a helping hand to create a fully distributed Hadoop cluster with Cloudera Manager. In this blog, we’ll see how fast and easy to install Hadoop cluster with cloudera Manager.

Software used:

  • CDH5
  • Cloudera Manager – 5.7
  • OS – REHL 7
  • VirtualBox – 5.2

Prepare Servers:

For Minimal cluster, we need 3 servers for non-production cluster.

  • CM – CloudManager + other Hadoop Services ( Minimum 8GB )
  • DN1/DN2 – Data Nodes

Please do the following steps on one machine CloudManager (CM)

Disable Selinux:

Setup NTP:

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