Oracle Big Data Cloud Service – Introduction

Big data is a topic that everyone seems to be talking about it. But still many of us wonder  “What exactly is big data”. Which technology provider should I use?? I have written couple of blog on apache hadoop, cloudera distribution and AWS EMR service as well. And today in this blog, I’ll go through Oracle Big data Cloud Service and what is included in the service.

What is Oracle Big data cloud Service???

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service is an automated cloud service for big data processing. It is optimized to run different set of workloads from Hadoop-only workloads (ETL, Spark, Hive)  to interactive SQL queries using SQL-on-hadoop tools. Here are some key features of Oracle cloud big data service:

  • Create cloudera certified cluster in quick time.
  • Cluster set up is always fault tolerant with HA hadoop and security infrastructure
  • Fully tested hadoop upgrades ( version skipping supported)
  • Maximum versatility:  With cloudera distribution including Apache hadoop enterprise data hub, you can use hadoop, hive, impala, spark etc… Also you can install and operate third-party tools.

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