Global Data Services (GDS) with Active Data Guard – High Availability

In this blog post, I will talk about how you can perform workload routing across the standby databases based on Database role with GDS. GDS provides this functionality without requiring Oracle Clusterware to be installed. But if clusterware is installed then GDS automatically register the global service to GI home. When role transition happens in Data Guard Broker configuration, GDS relocates the global services automatically as per the role attribute. There is no need to write custom logic or database startup triggers to achieve this behavior. Continue reading → Global Data Services (GDS) with Active Data Guard – High Availability

Global Data Services (GDS) – Set Up

What is Global Data Services??

Oracle 12c Database provides a powerful workload management feature called database services. Database services are named representations of one or more database instances. Database services allow you to group database workloads, ensure that client requests are routed to the optimal instance that offers a service, and provide high availability by transparently failing client connections over to surviving instances when a planned or unplanned instance outage occurs

Oracle Global Data Services (GDS) implements the Oracle Database service model across a set of replicated databases known as a Global Data Services configuration. The GDS is the replacement for the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for 11g database high availability. The GDC works perfectly with Oracle 12c CDB or PDB’s. Continue reading → Global Data Services (GDS) – Set Up