This section explains how to set up a local yum repository to install CDH on the machines in your cluster. There are a number of reasons you might want to do this, for example:

  • Server in your cluster don’t have access to internet. You can still use YUM to do an installation on those machines by creating a local YUM repository.
  • To make sure that each node will have the same version of software installed.
  • Local repository is more efficient.

We need internet connection to download the repo/packages.

Set up Local Repo:

Create local web  publishing directory.  And Install web server such as Apache/http on the machine that host the RPM and start the http server.

Install createrepo and yum-utils rpms.

Download the CM tar file.

Move the tar file to web directory and unpack it.

Now  create the yum repository.

Ensure that you can access the URL.

Now create the cm.repo file and list the available repo.

Set up Parcels:

Create the parcel directory.

Now download the required parcels.

Check URL for parcels.You can use this URL in ClouderaManager.

Install CM using local repository:

Download installer for CM and change the permissions. And run the CM installer with option ” –skip_repo_package=1 to install cloudera manager from the local repo.

You’ll get the following window. Not recommended for production.


Accept the Licence.

Accept Oracle Binaries Licence.

JDK/ClouderaManager installation is in progress.

Installation complete.

Now open URL.

http://cm:7180/cmf/login or

Login to the page with admin/admin. Accept the licence and accept cloudera Enterprise Data hub.

Next part is cluster set up and will explain in future blogs.




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