In my last post, I installed the Oracle 18c binaries on Oracle Linux 7. Now next step is to create the database. But you’ll be stuck with error “ORA-12754” when you trying to create database with exadata binaries.


The library which is causing the problem is “libserver18”. It’s really hard to troubleshoot this library. So I thought to copy this library from Oracle cloud environment. I deployed the 18c database from my free trail cloud account. You need to wait at least 10-15 mins before the database service is ready for you.


Once database is ready, make an SSH connection which is explained here.

Now I replaced the library from my OPC environment to VM machine and relink the libraries again. Without relink, you’ll receive the same error.

Now kick off database creation from DBCA and you won’t get any “ORA-12754” error again.



Now test the database connection via sqlplus.

Have Fun!!!


  1. Mandy thanks for this. Is it possible for you to upload this library somewhere; for those of us who don’t have Oracle public cloud accounts

    1. Hi Shadab, I don’t think so legally I can upload the library from Oracle cloud for public use. Best is to create an account, and you’ll get $300US (depends upon your region) credits for one month. I am so sorry, I could not able to help in this case…


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