In this blog, I’ll go through oracle 18c installation on oracle Linux 7.4. Oracle 18c is not officially announced for on-premises database. But for study purpose, I thought to use Oracle 18c binaries from oracle edelivery which is available for Oracle Exadata. Other option is to try 18c on Oracle SQL live which I explained here.

My environment is all ready to go. I am using Oracle virtual box 5.2.2 with Oracle Linux 7.4, 4GB memory and extra disk for oracle binaries and data files.

Oracle recommends that when you install Oracle Linux 6 or Oracle Linux 7 and use Oracle Preinstallation RPM to configure your operating systems for Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure installations. The Oracle Preinstallation RPM will automatically creates standard (not role-allocated) Oracle installation owner and groups, and sets up other kernel configuration settings as required for Oracle installations. 18c preinstall rpm is not available yet so used 12R2 as its compatible with 18c.

I used the “VM Shared folder” to transfer the Oracle 18c software “” downloaded from edelivery.  Copied from sharable drive to “/home/oracle” folder.

Now create the required directories for Oracle binaries. Like GI 12.2, you now need to unzip the software on “ORACLE_HOME” location.

Now it’s  ready to install it.

Select “Set up software only”.

Single instance and click next.


Select “Enterprise Edition” and Next.


I kept the default location for oracle base. But it generated an error.


Looks like from 18c, we could not able to put the ORACLE_BASE under ORACLE_HOME  location. So I put it some other location.



I kept only one group DBA. You keep the recommended Oracle setup.18c_8

I ignored the swap and physical memory warnings. Setup is just for testing purpose.18c_9


Once complete, run the root scripts.

Installation is now complete and click on close.


Add dummy database entry in oratab and test the sqlplus connection.


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