Oracle 18c already released and it’s time to upgrade your skills with latest version. As 18c is only available on the Oracle cloud and Oracle engineered systems so how to get familiar with new version if you don’t have oracle cloud account. Don’t worry, you can try oracle 18c on Live SQL.

“Oracle Database 18c” as “Oracle Database 12c Release 2” with some new features. The change in the naming to reflect the year in which the product is released hence the skip of 6 releases. New naming convention is more for simplicity of yearly release model and the patching process.

Another important thing to note, Oracle Database 18c is not an Autonomous database but it’s a cloud service that has new features that makes it easier to build an autonomous database. The on-premises 18c (when released) won’t be autonomous. DBA’s need to script it up to automate the build process etc…

Now it time to start playing with Oracle 18c and here is how you can quickly fire some sql commands on oracle 18c database.

Login to Oracle Live SQL with oracle credentials (create one if you don’t have).

After you logged in, bottom of the screen will show you the Live SQL and database version information.  Also you’ll find 12c, 18c documentation URL’s.


Now Click on SQL worksheet and type your first SQL command.


Just note that the v$version displays the release as “” but version as “”.

Stay tuned to get more 18c blogs from me in future.


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