MySQL is a relational database management system or an RDBMS. It’s originally  developed by company founded in Sweden, MySQL AB.  It’s world’s most popular open source database.

MySQL Editions

Community Edition: Community Edition is the MySQL database for open source developers and technology enthusiasts who wan to get started with MySQL.  Its free of cost.

Enterprise Edition: Commercial customers have the flexibility of choosing from multiple editions to meet specific business and technical requirements.

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL Standard Edition
  • MySQL Classic Edition
  • MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition

MySQL Community Downloads and Tools

MySQL Community Server: is the world’s most popular open source database.

MySQL Cluster:  MySQL Cluster is a write-scalable, real-time, ACID-compliant transactional database, designed to deliver 99.999% availability. MySQL Cluster scales horizontally on commodity hardware with auto-sharding (partitioning) to serve read and write intensive workloads, accessed via SQL and NoSQL interfaces. It is available as both open source and commercial editions.

MySQL Router: MySQL Router is lightweight middleware that provides transparent routing between your application and any backend MySQL Servers. Use cases are high availability and scalability.

MySQL Utilities is a collection of python command line tools that used to assist in maintaining and admin MySQL servers.

MySQL Shell to perform data queries and updates and other various admin operations.

MySQL Workbench  is a visual database design tool developed by MySQL. Used to efficiently design, manage and document databases. Workbench is offered in two editions; Community edition under GPL licence and Standard edition requires purchase of an annual subscription which includes additional modules and plugins.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a web-based monitoring and advising system. Real time MySQL performance monitoring and alerts.

MySQL Connectors: MySQL offers standard database driver connectivity for using MySQL with applications and tools that are compatible with industry standards ODBC and JDBC.

  • MySQL connector/ODBC
  • MySQL connector/J (node.js)
  • MySQL connector/Net
  • MySQL connector/PHP
  • MySQL connector/Python
  • MySQL connector/C (C++)

Everything you ever wanted to know about MySQL is available here.

Developer zone page is here.

Software can be download from here.

Documentation from here.

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