Oracle Trace File Analyzer helps you perform real-time health monitoring, fault detection & diagnosis via a single interface. It will securely consolidate all distributed diagnostic data. TFA can be installed on the database nodes either stand alone or cluster nodes. It’s continuously available and watching your logs for significant problems that may affect your service. If desired it can also automatically collect the relevant diagnostics, when it sees these problems.

From 12.2, TFA is included with RDBMS software and again this is optional when we run the script. You can skip this if you don’t want.

Command Interface

The tfactl tool functions as:

  • Command line : $ tfactl <command>
  • Shell interface:   $ tfactl
  • Menu interface: $ tfactl menu

Here are some examples:

Oracle Trace File Analyzer uses a flood control mechanism. Repeated errors do not flood the system with automatic collections. Automatic collections are ON by default. To change automatic collections use:

Configure Email Notification

You can provide Oracle Trace File Analyzer with one or more comma separated email addresses to send notification of problems.

Oracle Trace File Analyzer helps you keep mission-critical apps up and running.If something does go wrong, Oracle Trace File Analyzer helps you analyze and collect what you need, to fix it. Please read more about TFA from here.


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