Once the oracle cloud database is ready, next step is to test the database and server connectivity.

Access SSH Access via Putty

  • Login to your DBCS Console Page  and click instance you intend to login into via SSH. And then locate the Public IP address.Capture11
  • Open putty.exe and place the Public IP Address in the Host Name for Putty.



  • Under the Category section navigate to Connection – SSH – Auth, Click Browse on the Auth page to locate your putty private key file (.ppk extension).


  • Now under the Category section navigate to Connection – Data, Put oracle as the Auto-login username.


  • Navigate back to Session and click Save.
  • Now open the putty connection.Capture14

SQL Developer Access

  • Open SQL Developer on your local machine.
  • Start new connection and fill in information like Host IP address, default port 1521 and Database name.
  • Test the connection, but it’ll fail with an network adapter error.


  • To fix network adapter issue, Click on the Database Cloud Service menu in  icon and choose “Access Rules”.


  • Enable the “ora_p2_dblistener” access rule, by clicking the icon under Actions. And enable the access rule.


  • Re-test the connection. I fix the SID from CDB1 -> CDB01 and now able to connect to the database.


SQL Developer Access using SSH

In SQL Developer menu, click on View –> SSH. Then right click and choose “Create New SSH Host”. Add Host public IP , username and Private key. Tick on local port forward.Press ok.


Make a new connection database connection with Sql developer.Use service name. check active services at database PDB level.

  • Enter detail as below and test the connectivity. And its successful.


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