Begin the process of creating an instance by logging into your Oracle cloud service account. You’ll be prompted with a login screen. Here you need to provide your username, password, and identity domain. After succesful signing into, Go to the “My Services” and select create instance. Select Database and click on create.


It’ll give you the option to quick start the database or you can choose custom option if you want to entre the database name of your choice or make other changes as well.I choose Custom option.


Next screen will appear and enter the detail as below.

  • Service Name : Clouddb01
  • Region : Select from drop down ( or none)
  • Software edition: 12cR1 ( 11g -12R2 options available)
  • Database type : Single instance ( RAC, DR and extreme performance options are available)


Click next and enter the database related detail.

  • DB Name: CDB01
  • PDB Name: PDB1
  • Backup destination should be set as none or else you would have to configure  storage container
  • SSH public key: Browse and enter the saved public key



Enter advanced details:

  • Listener port: 1521
  • Timezone : New Zeal ( Auckland)
  • Character and national character set : Default
  • Enable Golden GAte: disabled
  • Demo: Not included as familiar with 12c Multi-tenant concept


Review the summary and click “Create” to create your cloud database.

Capture7Wait a few minutes, cloud database will be created successfully.


Click on the service name ( Clouddb01) to open the main page of database.


Now your first oracle cloud database ready to explore further.



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