I upgraded the oracle golden gate to 12.2 version and during database initial load I faced the following error.

2017-07-30 21:53:51 ERROR OGG-01201 Error reported by MGR : Access denied.

This error occured when we try to do the direct initial load operation for small tables via SOURCEISTABLE.  With this method, extract parameter file  connects directly from the source to the target. The exact is added with parameter SOURCEISTABLE and replicate created on target side as shown below.

The extact start and stop and following errors will be reported in report file of the process. This is due to new security feature in GG 12.2 which allow access a remote system  via “ACCESSRULE ” rule. This new rule will allow source server to make connection and start the replicat process remotely.

Syntax is below and after adding this in mgr parameter file the inital load will complete as expected.

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