Oracle 12.2 version has a lot of new features and this blog will highlight datapump enhancements in 12.2 release.

1. Parfile contents are written to logfile:

In previous version, expdp or impdp parfile contents never displayed in logfile. So if you lose the parfile and  you can’t see what parameters has been used in expdp/impdp from logfile.

With oracle 12.2, the logfile display the parfile contents.

2. Parallel Metadata export

In previous oracle versions, parallel operation does not work for datapump export/import. Only one worker process is created even we specify more parallel operation.

In 12.2 version, more worker processes generated depends upon parallel operation specified. Metadata objects passed immediately to workers as they are found. For example, Worker 1 finds a set of TABLE definitions, they are handed off to worker 2. Estimate phase still happens but meta data no longer help by metadata.

3. New substitution variables for dumpfile name

Pre 12.2, %U generates a fixed width 2- digit number as below.

New options for 12.2 export/import as below.
• %l or %L –  Incrementing number from 01 up to 2147483646

New options in 12.2 expdp only:
  •  %d or %D: Day of Month in DD format
  • %m or %M: Number of Month in MM format
  • %y or %Y: Year in YYYY format
  • %t or %T: Full date in YYYYMMDD format

4. REMAP_DIRECTORY parameter

This parameter lets you remap directories when you move databases between platforms.
with this you can change directory specifications without changing filenames.

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